Tibia gold sms shop

TibiaGP.org also lets you buy Tibia gold paying via SMS or phone call.


This method of payment is available in over 60 countries

(Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile and many, many others: https://secure.zaypay.com/outpayment).


Remember that SMS payments cost more, because I get 30-60% of what you pay.




Watch the video tutorial or read the information below:





How to buy Tibia Gold paying via Mobile Phone?


1. Register your account  (Remember to choose your country).



2. Click at ,,Wallet" (at your account panel):



3. Click at one of the buttons to add points to your wallet (for example):



4. Send an SMS or make a call, points will be added to your Wallet immediately:



Example 1 (Sweden):



Example 2 (Spain):



Example 3 (Mexico):




5. Go to main site, select  your server and amount of gold you want to buy,

write your Tibia character nickname and choose ,,Wallet" as a payment option:




6. Gold will be delivered in a time written right (Delivery time).

Delivery time

Actual delivery status is:
Status " " - delivery in 3-15 minutes
Status " " - delivery up to 1 hour
Status " " - delivery up to 16 hours
Gold is send with a parcel to character and city given in the order.


Can you add 4kk in Antica please? Great srvice

2kk added
fast delivery great service.. doubted it at first but got my 1kk :))
Add more money on shivera !!
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