Common questions

If you are making a purchase for the first time it is advised to read questions and answers below.




1. How can I guarantee that I will receive gold ?


- You can buy small quantities of gold, for example 10k.

- I am the owner of a well known World-Trading Service: http://www.tibiawt.org

- Screenshot of gold i have: http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/6287/smstibiagold.png

- Screenshot of Mobile Phone payments: http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/4135/tibiagoldforsms.png

- Customers comments: http://tibiagp.org/en/comments/



2. How long will I wait for a gold?


All of the payments are being checked in case of fraud cases (remember to write your real data when registering), most of the payments are verified in a few minutes, if your payment is accepted gold will be sent in a time written below (You will receive an e-mail notification when I send you the gold.):


Actual status of shipping is: Tibia cc za sms

Status "" - shipping in 3-15 minutes.

Status "" - shipping up to 1 hour.

Status "" - shipping up to 16 hours.




3. How will I receive gold?


Gold is being send with a parcel to a character name and city given in an order.


4. Do you sell items ?


No, i don't sell items.




5. What are the payment options ?

Paypal and SMS!




6. In what countries can I pay with SMS and phone call ?


Full list of supported countries can be found here: https://secure.zaypay.com/outpayment




7. Why are SMS and phone call payments much more expensive ?


Prices are higher because I receive only 30-60% of what you pay, most of the money is going to the mobile phone operators (companies).




8. When will you have gold on server ,,X" ?


I cannot give you any details, my gold stock changes everyday because I am running World-Trade Service (http://tibiawt.org), but if you really need gold write an e-mail (selernik@gmail.com), I'll try to fix it in 1-2 days.




9. Do I have to register at TibiaGP.org to buy gold ?


Yes, it is necessary, for mine and your safety. What is more, you will be able to receive bonuses and track your orders (orders history).

Delivery time

Actual delivery status is:
Status " " - delivery in 3-15 minutes
Status " " - delivery up to 1 hour
Status " " - delivery up to 16 hours
Gold is send with a parcel to character and city given in the order.


really nice ive bought like 2.5kk awsome service!!!
Would like some on Antica

1000k added
broo gold in silvera plz

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